Pokemon Infinite Fusion Download

Pokemon Infinite Fusion download
Name: Pokemon Infinite Fusion
Version: 5.2.1
Update Date: May 11, 2023
Publisher: Schrroms
Genres: RPG
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Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an RPGXP fan game by Schrroms made using Pokemon Essentials. It was last updated on May 11, 2023.

The DNA Splicers from Black and White 2 are reintroduced in this game... However, you can use it on every Pokémon this time!

  • Utilize them to create an entirely new Pokémon by joining any two Pokémon together.
  • There are 176,400 unique pokemon combinations available in the game!
The Pokemon Fusion Generator is the foundation of Pokémon Infinite Fusion.


  • With 176 400 conceivable possibilities, you may be incredibly inventive and create a totally different team for each playtime.
  • Along with 101 Pokémon from generations 3 to 7, every Pokémon from generations 1 and 2 with their evolutions
  • Every Pokémon has the ability to combine with any other Pokémon. Every combination has a distinctive sprite, stats, moveset, PokeDex entry, and all other characteristics you would anticipate from a Pokémon.
  • Over 20,000 custom sprites handcrafted by the community.
  • Full Kanto region with extra areas and gen 4-5 inspired graphics
  • Johto postgame Continue your journey into the Johto region 3 years before the events of Gold and Silver.
  • Over 35+ side quests
  • Fairy type Pokemon
  • Random or Classic mode, as well Reversed mode: Special game mode that flips every trainer’s fusions.
  • Nicknaming your Pokémon directly from the menu
  • Battle Facilities: Take part in the Battle Factory, the Triple Battle lounge, and more!


How to install and setup Pokémon Infinite Fusion