Atari 7800 ProSystem emulators

Atari 7800 ProSystem Emulators

The Atari 7800 ProSystem, or simply the Atari 7800, is a home video game console officially released by the Atari Corporation in 1986. It is almost fully backward-compatible with the Atari 2600, the first console to have backward compatibility without the use of additional modules. It was considered affordable at a price of US$140 (equivalent to $327 in 2019). The 7800 has significantly improved graphics hardware over the 2600, but uses the same audio chip. It also shipped with a different model of joystick from the 2600-standard CX40. The 1986 launch is sometimes referred to as a "re-release" or "relaunch" because the Atari 7800 had originally been announced on May 21, 1984, to replace Atari Inc.'s Atari 5200, but a general release was shelved due to the sale of the company.

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PSP7800 1.2.0 emulator is very popular on our website. It is the most downloaded emulator for the Atari 7800 ProSystem system and people believe that it will provide you with the best experience of playing Atari 7800 ProSystem games on your device.

Emulators for Atari 7800 ProSystem games

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Emulator Console Platform FileSize Emulator
PSP7800 1.2.0 for Atari 7800 ProSystem on PSP PSP7800 1.2.0 PSP 1.2MB Download
Wii7800 0.3 for Atari 7800 ProSystem on Wii Wii7800 0.3 Wii 0.8MB Download