MSX-2 emulators

MSX-2 Emulators

MSX is a standardized home computer architecture, announced by Microsoft and ASCII on June 16, 1983. Before the great success of Nintendo's Family Computer, MSX was the platform for which major Japanese game studios such as Konami and Hudson Soft produced video games. The Metal Gear series, for example, was first written for MSX hardware.

Emulators for MSX-2 games

Emulator Console Platform FileSize Emulator
fMSX PSP 3.1.3 for MSX-2 on PSP fMSX PSP 3.1.3 MSX-2 PSP 0.5MB Download
MiiSX 0.4 for MSX-2 on Wii MiiSX 0.4 MSX-2 Wii 0.5MB Download
BlueMSXWiiGamePackRev2 1.0.3 for MSX-2 on Wii BlueMSXWiiGamePackRev2 1.0.3 MSX-2 Wii 43.8MB Download