Shin Megami Tensei SNES Download

Shin Megami Tensei snes download
Name: Shin Megami Tensei
Console: Super Nintendo (SNES)
Release Date: 1992
Publisher: Atlus
Genres: Console role-playing


Shin Megami Tensei is a role-playing video game from Atlus that was originally released on October 30, 1992 for the Super Famicom. Loosely based on Megami Tensei, a novel and Famicom game series in Japan, Shin Megami Tensei would be the first of many titles in the franchise released by Atlus. A direct sequel, Shin Megami Tensei II, was released in 1994. A third game, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne, was released in 2003. The most recent installment, Shin Megami Tensei IV, was released in 2013. Two non-numbered titles, Shin Megami Tensei if... and Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey, were released in 1994 and 2009, respectively.Shin Megami Tensei has grown a large and loyal following around the world with additional game titles for consumer consoles and handheld systems. Previously unavailable in English, a localized iOS version was released in North America on March 18, 2014.

How To Play Shin Megami Tensei On PC

There are two components for playing a snes Shin Megami Tensei game on your PC. The first component is the emulation program which can imitate the snes OS and software.

The second component is the Shin Megami Tensei game itself to play on the emulator.

Step 1: you can start by downloading a reliable and bug free emulator. We’d suggest snes9x – it’s open source, fast and one of the most frequently updated.

Once you have finished downloading snes9x , extract the downloaded .rar file to a location, for example your Desktop. After, double click the snes9x.exe file in order to start the emulator.

Your emulator will now be ready to play Shin Megami Tensei. But now you’ll need to find the correct ROMs online. A ROM is essentially a virtual version of the game that needs to be loaded into the emulator.

Step 2: return to snes9x and hit File > Open. Navigate to the downloaded .exe file and double click it to open it. The game will now run on the emulator and you can play the game freely.

Tip: Saving games on an emulator functions a little differently. The integrated save system will not save your progress.
Instead, you’ll need to click File > Save State and then choose an empty slot. You can save your progress in whatever point you like within the game, not only on the official checkpoints offered by the game.

When playing in the future and you want to continue from your saved state, you can use File > Load State to load up the game from exactly where you last saved it.