NBA Ballers XBOX Download

NBA Ballers xbox download
Name: NBA Ballers
Console: Xbox
Release Date:
Publisher: Midway Games
Genres: Action, Sports, Basketball


NBA Ballers is a streetball game which is similar to AND 1 Streetball and gameplay similar to the NBA Jam series. The game features fictional NBA analyst Bob Benson and MC Supernatural doing the commentary. Supernatural makes many references to the Mortal Kombat series and NFL Blitz, two games published by Midway. The game also maintains the "player on fire" feature that is in many, if not all sports games published by Midway. Most of the moves that were in the game were from real street ballers who provided some of their moves for the game. The game is powered by Gamespy game technology. The game was followed by a version for the PlayStation Portable, NBA Ballers: Rebound and a sequel, NBA Ballers: Phenom.