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No$n64 is a Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator that runs on Android platform.
No$n64 was developed by TasfiqulGhani and you can run Nintendo 64 (N64) games with it.

Full list of No$n64 Emulator Games

Title Year Console Publisher Genres
Blast Corps for nintendo-64 Blast Corps 1997 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Puzzle, Action, Racing Details
Blues Brothers 2000 for nintendo-64 Blues Brothers 2000 2000 NINTENDO-64 Titus Interactive SA Platform, Music, Action Details
Body Harvest for nintendo-64 Body Harvest 1998 NINTENDO-64 Midway Games, Gremlin Interactive Limited Action-adventure, Third-person Shooter, Action, Racing Details
Bomberman 64 for nintendo-64 Bomberman 64 1997 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Action-adventure, Puzzle, Platform, Action, Adventure Details
Bomberman 64: The Second Attack for nintendo-64 Bomberman 64: The Second Attack 1999 NINTENDO-64 Action Details
Bomberman Hero for nintendo-64 Bomberman Hero 1998 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Platform, Action Details
Bottom of the 9th for nintendo-64 Bottom of the 9th 1996 NINTENDO-64 Konami Sports Details
Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling for nintendo-64 Brunswick Circuit Pro Bowling 1998 NINTENDO-64 Adrenalin Entertainment, THQ Sports, Bowling Details
Buck Bumble for nintendo-64 Buck Bumble 1998 NINTENDO-64 Ubisoft Action-adventure, Action, Adventure Details
Bust-A-Move '99 for nintendo-64 Bust-A-Move '99 1997 NINTENDO-64 Taito Corporation Puzzle, Strategy Details
California Speed for nintendo-64 California Speed 1999 NINTENDO-64 Midway Games Arcade, Racing Details
Carmageddon for nintendo-64 Carmageddon 1997 NINTENDO-64 Interplay Entertainment, Square Enix Europe Action, Racing, Vehicular combat Details
Castlevania for nintendo-64 Castlevania 1986 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo, Konami Platform, Zombie Film, Action Details
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness for nintendo-64 Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness 1999 NINTENDO-64 Konami Action-adventure, Platform, Survival horror, Action Details
Centre Court Tennis for nintendo-64 Centre Court Tennis 1998 NINTENDO-64 BigBen Interactive, Hudson Soft Sports Details
Chameleon Twist for nintendo-64 Chameleon Twist 1997 NINTENDO-64 Sunsoft Platform Details
Chameleon Twist 2 for nintendo-64 Chameleon Twist 2 1999 NINTENDO-64 Sunsoft Platform, Action Details
The Bombing Islands for nintendo-64 The Bombing Islands 1999 NINTENDO-64 Kemco Puzzle, Strategy Details
Chopper Attack for nintendo-64 Chopper Attack 1997 NINTENDO-64 Midway Games Shoot 'em up, Third-person Shooter, Action, Scrolling shooter Details
Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race for nintendo-64 Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix Race 1999 NINTENDO-64 Takara Racing Details
Chōkūkan Night: Pro Yakyū King for nintendo-64 Chōkūkan Night: Pro Yakyū King NINTENDO-64 Details
Chōkūkan Night: Pro Yakyū King 2 for nintendo-64 Chōkūkan Night: Pro Yakyū King 2 1999 NINTENDO-64 Imagineer Baseball, Sports Details
ClayFighter 63⅓ for nintendo-64 ClayFighter 63⅓ 1997 NINTENDO-64 Interplay Entertainment Action, Fighting Details
Command & Conquer for nintendo-64 Command & Conquer 1995 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo, Electronic Arts, Virgin Interactive, Sega Real-time strategy, Strategy Details
Conker's Bad Fur Day for nintendo-64 Conker's Bad Fur Day 2001 NINTENDO-64 Ubisoft, Nintendo, Microsoft Studios, Ashby Computers and Graphics Ltd., Rare Ltd, THQ Action-adventure, Platform, Third-person Shooter, Action Details
Cruis'n Exotica for nintendo-64 Cruis'n Exotica 1999 NINTENDO-64 Midway Games Racing Details
Cruis'n USA for nintendo-64 Cruis'n USA 1994 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo, Midway Games Action, Racing Details
Cruis'n World for nintendo-64 Cruis'n World 1996 NINTENDO-64 Midway Games Racing Details
Custom Robo for nintendo-64 Custom Robo 2004 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Action Details
Custom Robo V2 for nintendo-64 Custom Robo V2 2000 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Action role-playing, Fighting Details