Mupen64 0.5.1 emulators

Mupen64 0.5.1 Emulator Games Download

Mupen64 0.5.1 is a Nintendo 64 (N64) emulator that runs on Windows platform.
Mupen64 0.5.1 was developed by GPLv2 and you can run Nintendo 64 (N64) games with it.

Full list of Mupen64 0.5.1 Emulator Games

Title Year Console Publisher Genres
CyberTiger for nintendo-64 CyberTiger 2000 NINTENDO-64 Electronic Arts Golf, Action, Sports Details
Daikatana for nintendo-64 Daikatana 2000 NINTENDO-64 Kemco, Eidos Interactive Shooter, Action, Role-playing, First-person Shooter Details
Dance Dance Revolution Disney Dancing Museum for nintendo-64 Dance Dance Revolution Disney Dancing Museum 2001 NINTENDO-64 Konami Music, Simulation, Exergaming Details
Dark Rift for nintendo-64 Dark Rift 1997 NINTENDO-64 Tokai Communications Action, Fighting Details
G.A.S.P!! Fighters' NEXTream for nintendo-64 G.A.S.P!! Fighters' NEXTream 1998 NINTENDO-64 Konami Action, Fighting Details
Densha de Go! 64 for nintendo-64 Densha de Go! 64 1999 NINTENDO-64 Taito Corporation Vehicle simulation, Simulation, Racing Details
Derby Stallion 64 for nintendo-64 Derby Stallion 64 2001 NINTENDO-64 Media Factory Simulation, Racing Details
Destruction Derby 64 for nintendo-64 Destruction Derby 64 1999 NINTENDO-64 THQ Racing, Simulation, Vehicular combat Details
Dezaemon 3D for nintendo-64 Dezaemon 3D 1998 NINTENDO-64 Athena Action, Non- Details
Diddy Kong Racing for nintendo-64 Diddy Kong Racing 1997 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo, Rare Ltd Racing, Vehicular combat Details
Disney's Tarzan for nintendo-64 Disney's Tarzan 2000 NINTENDO-64 Activision Platform Details
Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers for nintendo-64 Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers 2000 NINTENDO-64 Ubisoft, Disney Interactive Platform, Action Details
Donkey Kong 64 for nintendo-64 Donkey Kong 64 1999 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Platform, Action, Adventure Details
Doom 64 for nintendo-64 Doom 64 1997 NINTENDO-64 Midway Games, id Software Shooter, Survival horror, Action, First-person Shooter Details
Doraemon 2: Nobita to Hikari no Shinden for nintendo-64 Doraemon 2: Nobita to Hikari no Shinden 1998 NINTENDO-64 Platform, Action Details
Doraemon 3: Nobita no Machi SOS! for nintendo-64 Doraemon 3: Nobita no Machi SOS! 2000 NINTENDO-64 Platform, Action Details
Doraemon: Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki for nintendo-64 Doraemon: Nobita to Mittsu no Seireiseki 1997 NINTENDO-64 Action, Adventure Details
Dr. Mario 64 for nintendo-64 Dr. Mario 64 2001 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Puzzle Details
Dual Heroes for nintendo-64 Dual Heroes 1997 NINTENDO-64 Electro Brain, Hudson Soft Action, Fighting Details
Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck for nintendo-64 Duck Dodgers Starring Daffy Duck 2000 NINTENDO-64 Atari Games, Infogrames Entertainment SA Platform, Action, Adventure Details
Duke Nukem 64 for nintendo-64 Duke Nukem 64 1997 NINTENDO-64 GT Interactive Software First-person Shooter Details
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour for nintendo-64 Duke Nukem: Zero Hour 1999 NINTENDO-64 GT Interactive Software Shooter, Third-person Shooter, Action Details
Dōbutsu no Mori for nintendo-64 Dōbutsu no Mori NINTENDO-64 Details
Earthworm Jim 3D for nintendo-64 Earthworm Jim 3D 1999 NINTENDO-64 Rockstar Games, Interplay Entertainment Platform, Action Details
ECW Hardcore Revolution for nintendo-64 ECW Hardcore Revolution 2000 NINTENDO-64 Acclaim Entertainment Sports, Fighting Details
Eikō no Saint Andrews for nintendo-64 Eikō no Saint Andrews 1996 NINTENDO-64 Seta Golf, Simulation, Sports Details
Elmo's Letter Adventure for nintendo-64 Elmo's Letter Adventure 1999 NINTENDO-64 NewKidCo Educational Details
Elmo's Number Journey for nintendo-64 Elmo's Number Journey 1999 NINTENDO-64 NewKidCo Educational Details
Excitebike 64 for nintendo-64 Excitebike 64 2000 NINTENDO-64 Nintendo Racing Details
Extreme-G for nintendo-64 Extreme-G 1998 NINTENDO-64 Acclaim Entertainment Action, Racing, Vehicular combat Details