Nintendo DS (DS) emulators

Nintendo DS (DS)

The Nintendo DS, introduced distinctive new features to handheld gaming: two LCD screens working in tandem (the bottom one being a touchscreen), a built-in microphone, and support for wireless connectivity. The Nintendo DS line was succeeded by the Nintendo 3DS family in 2011, which maintains backward compatibility with nearly all Nintendo DS software.

Best DS Roms

Title Year Console Publisher Genres
Ragnarok Online Ds DS Details
Rainbow Islands Revolution for ds Rainbow Islands Revolution DS Codemasters, Rising Star Games, Taito Corporation Platform Details
Rally DS for ds Rally DS DS Racing Details
Ratatouille for ds Ratatouille 2007 DS Nintendo, Sony Computer Entertainment, THQ Platform, Action, Adventure Details
Ratatouille: Food Frenzy DS THQ Details
Rayman Ds DS Details
Rayman Raving Rabbids for ds Rayman Raving Rabbids 2006 DS Ubisoft Platform, Party Details
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 for ds Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 2007 DS Ubisoft Party Details
Rayman Raving Rabbids Tv Party DS Details
Ready Steady Cook DS Details
Real Adventures: Pet Vet DS Details
Real Adventures: Wild Horses DS Details
Real Football 2008 for ds Real Football 2008 DS Ubisoft Soccer Details
Real Football 2009 for ds Real Football 2009 DS Ubisoft, Gameloft Soccer, Sports Details
Real Time Conflict: Shogun Empires DS Details
Really? Really! for ds Really? Really! 2006 DS Navel Eroge, Adventure, Visual novel Details
Red Bull Bc One 2008 DS Puzzle Details
Remindelight for ds Remindelight 2006 DS Taito Corporation Action role-playing Details
Resident Evil: Deadly Silence for ds Resident Evil: Deadly Silence DS Capcom Action, Adventure Details
Retro Atari Classics DS Details
Retro Game Challenge for ds Retro Game Challenge 2009 DS Namco Bandai Games, Namco Bandai Holdings, Marvelous USA Shoot 'em up, Action, Adventure, Racing, Role-playing Details
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure for ds Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure 2000 DS Square Enix, Atlus Console role-playing, Tactical, Adventure Details
Rhythm 'n Notes: Improve Your Music Skills for ds Rhythm 'n Notes: Improve Your Music Skills 2007 DS Agetec Educational, Music Details
Rhythm Heaven for ds Rhythm Heaven 2009 DS Nintendo Rhythm, Music, Action Details
Ridge Racer DS for ds Ridge Racer DS 2004 DS Namco Racing Details
River King: Mystic Valley DS Details
Road To Vegas DS Details
Roary The Racing Car DS Educational Details
Robocalypse for ds Robocalypse 2008 DS Tecmo, Tecmo Koei Action, Real-time strategy Details
Robots for ds Robots 2005 DS Fox Interactive, Sierra Entertainment, Vivendi Games Platform, Action, Racing Details