Pokémon Sleep Will Be Tucking In New Species, Relaxing Sounds And More In Future Updates


Plus, get a free in-game gift

Pokémon Sleep launched on iOS and Android almost a month ago and now the development team has begun to discuss what features will be drifting into the sleep tracking app over the coming months.

Shared in a post on the official @PokemonSleep Twitter account, we got a first look at all of the features that are currently in development for the game as well as some that are slated to be worked on in the future. In terms of what we can look forward to first of all, the team revealed that it is currently working on adding new Pokémon species and even more relaxing sounds into the game as well as fixing a number of flagged issues.

The team also confirmed that it will go on to optimise the app's battery usage when sleep tracking, though this is not one of the features currently in development.

You can find all of the upcoming features and adjustments in the full post below.

The post also notes that, as a thank you for downloading, all those registered to Pokémon Sleep by 2nd September will have a free in-game gift that can be accessed by tapping on the gift box icon in the app. The gift contains the following items:

  • 10x Poké Biscuit
  • 30x Healthy Candy S
  • 1x Growth Incense
  • 1x Focus Incense

There is no specific date as to when these new features will be coming our way just yet, though we should hear about them via the in-game news in the future.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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