Policeman set up a scheme to steal Pokémon cards  


He was arrested with several boxes in his possession

A police officer in Kansas , USA, had the brilliant idea to set up a scheme for his own personal gain, as he attempted to steal dozens of boxes of Pokémon cards . This is the - now former - police officer William Knight, who according to local Kansas media, served in the Kansas police department in John County as an assistant sheriff specifically, since March 2019. 

Last May and while on duty he went shopping in a store when at that time he raised the suspicions of a security guard. The officer in question attempted to make off with 12 boxes of Pokémon cards worth $400 dollars by swapping their barcodes with products he had at home that were cheaper. 

When the security guard approached him, the police officer became agitated and pretended to have received a call to intervene and left the scene. However, he was later caught, confessed to the act in front of the boss and was subsequently fired from his job. 

According to local media, Knight was charged with one count of theft and signed a plea agreement barring him from ever policing again. 

Lately Pokémon card thefts have been on the rise as there seems to be a lot of resale value on the black market. Last July, an expensive Pokémon card collection worth half a million dollars was stolen from a mansion, while in another case again this summer, a robber was caught trying to hide $70,000 worth of Pokémon cards in his mother's house. 

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