The Next Pokémon Presents Could Be Soon, According To A New Datamine


August is just around the corner

We're constantly thinking about the next Nintendo Direct around these parts, but don't forget Pokémon Presents. In fact, it seems it might actually be time for another one soon - with a recent datamine quite possibly leaking the announcement.

After sifting through the latest files of Pokémon Masters EX, dataminers have found code referencing "Pokémon Presents" campaigns, and the latest one apparently has a "start date" of August 8, 2023.

A Pokémon Presents broadcast has aired during August on multiple occasions in past years, so it wouldn't be a surprise if one was taking place in the immediate future. Last year's event around this time of the year aired on 3rd August and gave trainers an extended look at and various other titles.

The most recent Pokémon Presents aired earlier this year in February - with Scarlet & Violet announcing the rollout plans for Pokémon HOME and the upcoming DLC The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero also getting announced. Part one 'The Teal Mask' is due out in Fall 2023 and part two 'The Indigo Disk' is coming in Winter 2023.

Just keep in mind, there's been no official confirmation of a Pokémon Presents taking place in August 2023, so until there's an announcement, nothing is guaranteed. You can learn more about the upcoming DLC in our previous Nintendo Life coverage:


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