Brand-New Game Boy Color ARPG 'Far After' Is Now Up For Pre-Order


Bitmap Soft back at it again

It's easy to forget that there are still new games being made for Nintendo's classic handhelds today, with developers pushing the platforms to their limits and publishers getting on board with some sweet physical releases.

Bitmap Soft is one of these very publishers (you might remember its two Game Boy releases from back in April) and it has now opened up pre-orders on a brand new ARPG for the Game Boy Color, Far After.

This comes from indie developer SuitNtie and follows the adventures of two friends who discover that they have been born with magical abilities. Far After sees the pair navigating the dark forest, coming face-to-face with nasty creatures and learning powerful spells along the way.

Game Features
Experience a character driven ARPG
Explore large magical forests environments
Fight your way through variety of Unique monsters
Master a selection combat spells to eradicate your foes
Combine platforming and combative ARPG mechanics to excel through the game
Witness a story of two best friends at the beginning of their journey
Animated cutscenes to enhance storytelling.
3.5 hours of gameplay to experience both story and side content.

As the above tweet notes, the game will come in a standard edition soon, but pre-orders on the beefy Limited Collector's Edition are now open. This premium package comes with a huge number of bonus goodies — including a collector's coin, an art book, a special slipcase, a poster and more — though it is on the pricier end of things as it is currently listed at £140.

You can find all of the details on the game and place your pre-order on the official Bitmap Soft site. Based on previous releases from the publishers, we would expect the standard edition to be priced around £45 when pre-orders open for that one soon.

Will you be adding this one to your GBC library? Let us know in the comments.


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