Pokémon Sleep Has Reportedly Made $100 Million In Its First Year


Catching Zs and catching $s

Pokémon Sleep, the sleep-tracking app where you can catch 'em all by catching Zs, has reportedly brought in an impressive $100 million in its first year (thanks, VGC).

This is according to AppMagic data recently published by PocketGamer.Biz which reports that the lion's share of the revenue has come from users in Japan, who have spent an estimated $73 million on the app since it launched on 17th July last year. The remaining funds have come from users in the US ($17m) and Taiwan ($4m), AppMagic's data continues.

As you might expect, in-app spending increased during Pokémon Sleep event periods such as the Raikou Research event (revealed in the February 2024 Pokémon Presents showcase) or seasonal celebrations. A Holiday 2023 event was reportedly the app's highest-earning week to date, with a sweet $4 million being tucked in over the seven days.

The AppMagic data reports that Pokémon Sleep has pulled in an estimated 9.8 million downloads in the last year, 44% of which came from Japan (North America followed in second with 17% and Taiwan again landed in third with 7%).

Of course, this is small potatoes when compared to the beefy $1 billion-per-year takings that we have previously seen from Pokémon GO, but $100m is nothing to be scoffed at — particularly for a sleep-tracking app.

As it builds up to its birthday celebrations, a 'gift week' is currently underway in Pokémon Sleep where you can pick up bonus Sleep Points for logging in daily. More information on the app's first-anniversary event is expected to be shared by the @PokemonSleep Twitter later today.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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