Don't Worry, Nintendo Likely Won't Utilise Generative AI In Its Game Development



It's no secret that AI, and specifically generative AI, has become more and more prevalent in recent years, but if you're concerned about Nintendo utilising the technology in its game development, then you can put those fears to rest... at least for now.

During the company's recent annual shareholder meeting, president Shuntaro Furukawa was specifically asked about Nintendo's interest in applying AI to its game development. Furukawa acknowledged AI's benefits but seemingly confirmed that Nintendo would not be pursuing the technology for the time being, citing potential issues with intellectual property rights (a topic the firm is infamously strict about).

Here's what he said:

"In the game industry, AI-like technology has long been used to control enemy character movements, so game development and AI technology have always been closely related. Generative AI, which has been a hot topic in recent years, can be more creative, but we also recognize that it has issues with intellectual property rights.

"We have decades of know-how in creating optimal gaming experiences for our customers, and while we remain flexible in responding to technological developments, we hope to continue to deliver value that is unique to us and cannot be achieved through technology alone."

So there you have it! It sounds like Nintendo is keen to continue creating bespoke products for the foreseeable future. We can't say we're especially surprised given the company's ongoing success with the Switch, but other major publishers, such as Ubisoft and EA, have taken a more relaxed approach to AI technology and have actively begun to implement it into their development processes.


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