Mario & Luigi: Brothership Box Art Has Been Officially Revealed For Switch


"Take a look"

kicked off the latest Direct broadcast and although we've already seen a fair bit of footage of the game, one thing Nintendo hasn't properly shown off just yet is the game's box art. Yes, it's been featured in listings here and there, but now in the latest update it's been given an official reveal via social media.

As you see it shows the famous duo, a new character called Snoutlet and a little bit of the world Mario and Luigi are about to explore, known as Concordia. An empty background similar to Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr.'s Journey also returns. As noted by Nintendo, pre-orders for this game have also gone live.

An official render of Mario in this new adventure has also been shown off:

In case you missed our initial coverage, In this new adventure Mario and Luigi will apparently be "all hands on deck" as they go on an island-hopping adventure in the world of Concordia with the help of Shipshape island ("part ship, part island").

While Nintendo hasn't revealed who the developer is behind this latest entry in the Mario & Luigi series, a representative of the company recently confirmed some of the original team are involved in this new project. Mario & Luigi: Brothership sails onto the Switch this November.


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