Nintendo Issues Multiple DMCAs On The Modding Site 'GameBanana'


Smash Bros. Ultimate and Zelda: TOTK targeted

Nintendo has seemingly issued multiple DMCA takedowns against mods hosted on the community site GameBanana.

As member 'Waikuteru' highlighted, more than 60 separate DMCA takedowns have been issued over just a few days with 40 directed at them specifically, rendering their GameBanana profile empty of mod submissions.

Some Zelda mods include a randomizer for Tears of the Kingdom, alongside custom maps such as Lon Lon Ranch and Skyview Temple. Mods for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have also been targeted. Visiting the mod pages in question yields a new message displayed within the 'overview' tab, stating:

"Content that receives a verifiable DMCA Takedown Request must be removed from the site. Takedowns can be appealed via a support ticket. To view the contents of a Takedown Request, please contact the admin that carried out the Takedown."

At the time of writing, Waikuteru has expressed interest in issuing a counter notice, citing some doubt as to the authenticity of the takedowns. If it is genuine, then Nintendo would have 14 days to respond accordingly. In the meantime, Waikuteru's Zelda mods in question have been uploaded onto MEGA.

Nintendo has been pretty relentless with its DMCA takedowns during the Switch's lifespan, targeting the Switch emulator Yuzu in recent months along with hundreds of fan-made games back in 2021.


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