Nintendo Has Filed Two New Trademarks


Could Kirby and Mallo be returning?

It's already been quite an interesting week on the Nintendo front, and now to add to this, it's been discovered some new trademarks were recently registered by the video game giant in Australia.

As highlighted by Vooks, trademarks have been registered for the 2015 Wii U title Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush (Kirby and the Rainbow Curse) and 2015 3DS release Fullblox (also known as Stretchmo).

The source notes how the original trademarks for these games "still exist", so this may not just be a "simple renewal".

Of course, when it comes to video game trademarks, there is no guarantee the games featured in filings will necessarily be revived. It could just be business as usual for Nintendo as these trademarks have been around for about 10 years now, but if we hear any developments, we'll let you know.

Here are the descriptions of both games in case you need a reminder what they're about:

Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush: In this colourful platforming adventure, use the Wii U GamePad touch screen to draw rainbow ropes for Kirby to roll along, or to block obstacles and enemies, and look around each level carefully to uncover loads of Kirby collectibles, such as clay figurines and music tracks!

Fullbox: The newest entry in the series offers a brand new twist to the formula by adding extra directions of movement in which to push and pull: now you can grab hold of blocks not just from the front, but also the rear and both left and right sides, adding even more layers of complexity to the much-loved head-scratching fun.

Another surprise discovery this week was a Switch rating for Nintendo World Championships: NES Edition appearing on the ESRB. You can learn more about this in our previous story here on Nintendo Life:


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