Zelda Live-Action Movie Director Confident "Fans Are Gonna Be Happy"


It's a franchise close to his heart, like Star Wars

Movie director Wes Ball has recently been doing press rounds to promote his new Planet of the Apes movie and he's once again been asked about his upcoming live-action Zelda movie.

Although he can't say much, during a chat with The Direct, The Legend of Zelda movie director reassured fans about his love of the series and how it has been "one of the most important things ever" in his life. He went as far as comparing it to his love of Star Wars from childhood through to adulthood and is seemingly confident "fans are gonna be happy" with the end product.

Wes Ball: "We're working on it. I think it's gonna be great. Fans are gonna be happy. 'Legend of Zelda,' to me, is one of the most important things ever in my life. You know, next to 'Star Wars.' I've played 'Legend of Zelda' throughout my childhood into my adulthood. You know what I mean? I am a fan. I am a fellow fan. I will go to the ends of the earth to make sure that it is the movie we all hope it will be."

So work is underway, but there's no release date for the live-action Zelda movie just yet. Unfortunately, Wes can't share any details about this himself without getting in trouble from Nintendo.

"I can't even tell you that, or Nintendo will come after me"

Earlier in the week, the Zelda movie director spoke about how he wanted Link's big screen outing to be as "ambitious" as possible and wants to make sure the money for this blockbuster project goes into what's "on-screen".

Source: Nintendolife.com

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