The Pokémon Company And DeNA Form A New Subsidiary


Focusing on Pokémon TCG Pocket

The Pokémon Company and DeNA have announced that a new subsidiary company has been formed. Well, we say "new", but in reality DeNA Digital Production Co., Ltd has simply changed its name to Pokemon Card D Studio.

The studio will focus on the development and support for the upcoming mobile title Pokémon Trading Card Game Pocket, which was announced during the most recent Pokémon Presents showcase. As for the investment ratio, DeNA owns 66.6% of the new subsidiary, with The Pokémon Company making up the remaining 33.4%.

It's a pretty significant update which demonstrates just how much faith The Pokémon Company has in its upcoming mobile TCG app. For those who may have missed the initial announcement, it will effectively serve as a digital equivalent to the Pokémon card game we know and love.

Players will be able to open two digital packs of cards every day for free, with the app doing its best to simulate the excitement that comes when diving into a new pack. You can then grow your collection, trade with friends, and engage in online battles. Not only that, but the cards' artwork will be interactive, allowing you to delve into the image and explore its many intricacies.

There no firm release date for Pokémon TCG Pocket, but it's expected to launch later this year.


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