Unofficial Metroid Pixel Art eBook Is Currently Free, But Be Quick


Clock's ticking

If you fancy perusing some lovely unofficial pixel art for the Metroid franchise, then you're in luck. Retro Game Books is currently offering the Pixel Art: Metroid eBook for absolutely nothing. Yep, free!

You'll need to be quick, though, as the offer is only available for 24 hours as of roughly 4am BST this morning. Simply head on over to the store page, add the eBook to your cart with the promo code PIXEL at checkout, and the site will automatically apply the relevant discount.

Containing 94 full-colour pages with contributions from over 125 artists, it really is a lovely little tribute to one of Nintendo's most beloved, enduring franchises of all time.

Of course, if you prefer your books to be actual, tangible objects, then you can opt for the physical edition for £21. Better yet, why not try out the free eBook for now, see if you like it, and go from there.

It should prove a nice way to pass the time whilst we're waiting for Nintendo to shed some light on the elusive Metroid Prime 4, which it first announced over half a decade ago on 13th June, 2017 at E3. Bleh.


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