Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Switch Frame Rate Revealed


The new version with "revamped graphics" appears to run at 30fps

The previews have officially gone live for Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and it seems we've now got a better idea about the performance.

In case you missed our 'hands on' here on Nintendo Life, the upcoming Switch release runs great across both handheld and docked. As for frame rate, it appears to be 30fps - so it could take some time to adjust to if you played the original on GameCube. Here's exactly what we had to say:

"The game runs perfectly in both formats too, at least from the 15 or so hours we’ve played. We’ve not noticed a single frame drop both docked and undocked. However, one downgrade from the GameCube version is that the Switch version only runs at 30fps, compared to the GameCube’s native 60fps. At first, this took us a moment to adjust to, particularly in combat where you have to time button-presses – our brains somehow remember the timing of the original release – but overall the reduced frame rate hasn't been detrimental to the experience for us. This is still Thousand-Year Door in all its glory — at least from what we've played."

According to Nintendo's official description, the Switch version of Thousand-Year Door comes with "revamped graphics", which might explain the changes in performance. This newer release also includes an updated soundtrack, gameplay additions, and some additional improvements (which you can learn more about in our preview).


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