Nintendo Live Is Coming To Sydney, Australia This Year


Prepare for Nintendo Switch gameplay and much more

In some surprising news, it's been announced Nintendo Live will be coming to Sydney, Australia later this year.

In an official post on social media, Nintendo's Australia and New Zealand accounts confirmed the in-person event for "friends, families, and fans of all ages" would run from 31st August - 1st September.

Fans can look forward to Switch gameplay, live stage events, some photo opportunities, and much more. Additional details about this event will be shared in the future, so we'll update you when this is revealed.

As you can see, the promo image includes plenty of familiar faces and IP including Mario, Peach, Link, Animal Crossing, Splatoon, and even some Pikmin and Switch Sports representation. An official event page is also live - with "more information coming soon".

This follows the cancellation of Nintendo Live Tokyo last December after Nintendo cited safety concerns. A suspect was then arrested earlier this month and the Spatoon and Mario Kart championships were rescheduled.


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