Japanese Man Arrested For Selling Hacked Scarlet And Violet Pokémon


He appeared to be caught!

A Japanese man has been arrested for selling modded data from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, reportedly making millions of yen over the course of just a few months.

As reported by NHK News and Automaton (thanks, VGC), the individual was selling rare Pokémon for up to 13,000 yen (about $85 / £70) each through a website specialising in the sale of video game items and characters. He was also selling custom-made orders as well as bundle deals such as '6 Pokémon for only $30'. This reportedly took place between December 2022 and March 2023.

Investigation into the matter is still ongoing, though the individual is said to have admitted to the charges, claiming that he was simply making a living as a justification. Unfortunately for him, the act of modifying save files and distributing the data is illegal in Japan under the 'Unfair Competition Prevention Act'.

Violaters of this could face up to five years in prison, fines of over 5 million yen, or a combination of both. All for some digitally rendered creatures... Tut.

Scarlet and Violet launched for the Switch in November 2022, so the man's actions came at a time when the titles' popularity was likely near its peak. The games were nevertheless met with mixed reception due to multiple issues with their performance.

The Pokémon Company is still supporting Scarlet and Violet with Tera Raids and other events, but is also turning its attention to Pokémon Legends: Z-A, a sequel to the well-received 2022 title Pokémon Legends: Arceus. No release date has been set just yet, but we can expect it to drop at some point in 2025.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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