Kudzu Is A Lovely Zelda-Inspired Adventure That's Playable On Game Boy


It's also out on Switch

Pie for Breakfast and Mega Cat Studios have today launched their brand new retro-style adventure game Kudzu. Heavily inspired by classic Zelda — particularly the Oracle games and Link's Awakening — you can nab this title on the Switch eShop or Game Boy.

Image: Mega Cat Studios

Yep, that's right — in 2024, developers are continuing to show love for the retro handheld, and you can actually buy a physical Game Boy cart for the game for an extra dose of nostalgia. 8bit-Legit is handling the physical release of the Game Boy game, which you can check out on the Mega Cat store page.

Instead of being a hero of time, Kudzu sees you playing as Max, an apprentice gardener who must save their mentor from an outbreak of kudzu. If you're not aware of what kudzu is, it's an invasive species of vine — so it makes for the ideal enemy for our intrepid gardener.

Gigantic bugs and snakes stand in your way of success, and you'll need to use your garden tools to get around and solve puzzles. Progression is non-linear, too, so you can explore the world of Kudzu to your heart's content, and hopefully find your master.

So, take your pick — if you have a way of playing Game Boy games on actual hardware, then head on over to Mega Cat's store and grab a physical copy of the game for $49.99. You can also play the game on PC via itch.io or buy it digitally on the eShop for $4.99.

What do you think of Kudzu? Will you be grabbing this on Game Boy or Switch? Cut through the weeds in the comments.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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