Zelda Live-Action Movie Director: "I Want To Fulfil People's Greatest Desires"


He knows how "important" the series is to fans

Hollywood is adapting Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series into a live-action movie and while there's plenty of excitement about the upcoming film there's also some concern.

With this in mind, the film's director Wes Ball (known for the Maze Runner trilogy) has told Total Film how he understands just how "important" the Zelda franchise is to fans and aims to "fulfil people's greatest desires".

He's also provided fans an idea of what to expect - explaining how he wants it to be a "serious" and "real movie" while offering a sense of escapism:

"That’s the thing I want to try to create – it’s got to feel like something real. Something serious and cool, but fun and whimsical."

Back in December, the Zelda live-action director mentioned how he wanted the film to feel a bit like a "live-action Miyazaki" movie, referencing Studio Ghibli works like Spirited Away. Ball also mentioned at the time how he's a big fan of the Zelda series.

Earlier this year, Sony's CEO chimed in - noting the Zelda movie would deliver "an amazing tale of adventure and discovery".

Apart from Wes Ball's involvement, it's been confirmed Nintendo's Shigeru Miyamoto has been working with producer Avi Arad on the film, with Sony co-financing the project.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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