Viral video: See the giant Switch that becomes a TV and gaming setup


It is a dream for every gamer and especially those who love Nintendo

A video circulating in the last 24 hours on social media has gone viral since it is a... wet dream of many gamers out there and - especially - of those who love Nintendo. 

We don't know its exact origin since it was uploaded by a Twitter account called @TheFigen and has also made the rounds on Reddit, where such crazy setups usually pop up. 

But this particular one looks like the ultimate gaming setup , which literally drops jaws with how it transforms and the functionality it offers. 

It is essentially a gigantic replica of the Nintendo Switch , which, being custom-made, opens and pops up a huge TV (in place of its "screen"), while its "JoyCons" detach and reveal two showcases with four generations of its consoles Nintendo. 

Hidden in the red JoyCon display case is a Nintendo 64 and a Nintendo GameCube, with the necessary controls for traditional, orthodox, split-screen with the company. On the other hand, on the blue JoyCon there is an NES and an SNES also with their controllers ready for long hours of gaming. 

The jaw of the TV opens and reveals the ports to connect the controls, as then there were no wireless controls and no SCART connectors for the image, while there seems to be a special converter to upscale the quality. As a bonus, there are also wireless chargers at the bottom so you can touch your phone while you play. 

Watch the viral video with the ultimate gaming setup for Nintendo fans:  

However, Nintendo's generation of motion controls is missing as the Wii and Wii U are conspicuous by their absence. 

But when we say that it has become insanely viral in the last 24 hours, the numbers also say it as the video counts over 6.3 million views and the tweet itself over 10.6 million views. 

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