Random: Toyota Engineers Transform Pokémon Violet's Miraidon Into A Real-Life Motorbike


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We have all dreamed about having a Pokémon in real life, right? We know that the Toyota Engineering Society sure has as last year's 'Miraidon Project' has brought the Pokémon Violet legendary to life in the coolest way possible (thanks, GamesRadar).

It's a motorbike. They have turned Miraidon into a motorbike. Now, we know what you're thinking, surely a project like this runs the risk of looking a bit naff. Won't it very obviously be a bike with various parts stuck to it? Oh no, dear friends. These are Toyota engineers that we are talking about here, and it looks wicked.

To temper expectations right from the get-go, details on the bike are very limited for the time being. The following images (via @621Ryuhei) of last year's prototype got our hearts a-racing, but the manufacturer has shown no sign of making this thing actually available to the public, nor has it confirmed that it even works on the road. But come on, you can't tell us that this isn't cool.

The prototype has everything. Light-up eyes, arms that wrap around the wheels, back-arching handles just like those used in the game! The metallic finish is pretty spot-on too. Wait a minute, did someone just sneak this on the plane back from Paldea?

Now as we say, there is no sign that this is going to be a readily available product from Toyota in the future and we'd imagine that it is more of a novelty than something that will actually be tearing up the tarmac around the world. But hey, we can dream.

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Source: Nintendolife.com

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