Pokémon Scarlet And Violet's Next Mass Outbreak Features A Mystery Pokémon


One that you can't normally find in Paldea

Ahead of Pokémon Presents next week, The Pokémon Company has announced a brand new Mass Outbreak event for .

This one is a little bit different, with increased spawns of Voltorb and Foongus as well as a special mystery Pokémon. It's not clear exactly what this mystery Pokémon is just yet, but it's apparently one that normally can't be caught in the Paldea region. A lot of trainers are convinced it's a Hisuian Voltorb.

There'll also be more Shiny appearances than usual during this event. The latest Mass Outbreak will begin later this week on 23rd February 2024 and runs until 27th February 2024, which happens to line up with the upcoming broadcast. You can learn more in our previous post here on Nintendo Life:

Source: Nintendolife.com

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