Random: Up For A Challenge? Try Taking On Mario Wonder With The NES Power Pad


It is possible... just about

When Super Mario Bros. Wonder first launched at the end of last year, we asked you lovely lot what your controller of choice was to take on the latest 2D platformer. We listed the likes of the Joy-Con, Pro Controller and the SNES pad — heck, we even pushed the boat out and included the CRKD Nitro Deck! Basically, we thought that we had covered all bases. Surely we wouldn't need to include any novelty NES controllers in there too, right?


User napabar has once again put his technical wizardry skills to the test and has shown us that it is in fact possible to play Super Mario Bros. Wonder with none other than the NES Power Pad controller. Yep, the dance mat-looking one.

You might remember a similarly obscure feat being attempted a couple of years back, where someone got Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit running with the iconic NES Power Glove. That was also napabar — who runs the YouTube channel Will It Work?. Hey, once you have conquered Nintendo's least practical controller, where do you go next?

Fortunately, getting the Power Pad to connect up to the Switch required a similar process to the previous Power Glove attempt — namely, the use of Retro USB's NES adaptor and the Titan One USB adaptor. Then it was a case of remapping the Pro Controller's buttons to the stompable ones on the Power Pad.

There were some problems along the way (as explained in the following video), but napabar eventually got enough buttons working to allow for left, right and 'A' inputs. This is put to the test first in a game of pinball, but the main event is Super Mario Bros. Wonder, which really is impressive to see in action, even if it doesn't look like the best way to achieve 100% completion.

You can check out napabar's full video where he explains the connection process and provides a control demonstration below.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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