The Wand Company's Poké Ball Replicas Go Mini From February


Catch all five minis throughout 2024

The Pokémon Company and The Wand Company are teaming up once again to release some brand new Poké Ball replicas — but this time, we're going miniature.

The new collection will focus on five mini versions of popular Poké Ball designs. The first one will be on the classic red and white Poké Ball and will be releasing in February 2024. Five different miniature Poké Balls will be released in the coming months, with a Mini Great Ball, Mini Ultra Ball, Mini Cherish Ball, and Mini Premier Bal to follow.

Despite their smaller size, these tiny little Poké Ball models are given the same love and care as the standard size, all made out of the same metal as the bigger versions. The Mini Poké Ball Replica also comes with a brand-new touch-controlled display stand with a light-up Pokémon logo and a multicoloured display ring. Every Ball also comes with a little silver-plated token which you can use to display your replica on.

The Wand Company CEO says that these miniature replicas were inspired by the Poké Ball belt you often see in the shows and the games, and said that the company "just had to create miniature versions" that capture the same feel and beauty of the full-sized Poké Balls.

More miniature balls will be released in 2025, while The Wand Company will of course be creating even more standard Poké Balls, with the Beast Ball Replica launching in October.

Check out the full range of Poké Ball replicas on The Wand Company's website. And you'll be able to snap up the miniature version of the standard Poké Ball from early February from The Wand Company and Pokémon Center online stores worldwide.

Will you be adding these to your collection? Let us know in the comments.


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