Hamster Corporation Celebrates 400 Arcade Archives Titles On Switch


Here's to many more!

It seems like yesterday Hamster was only celebrating its 100th Arcade Archives release, but it's now actually 400 titles into its retro revival project.

Hamster Corporation announced this in a brief post on social media, noting how Rainbow Islands was its latest game to arrive on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. This also marks the end of 2024's January release window which also included Mighty Guy, Cosmo Gang the Puzzle and Super Contra.

"Arcade Archives RAINBOW ISLANDS is now available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch! And Arcade Archives has reached 400 titles! We would like to thank all the users who supported us, the game makers who cooperated us!"

Here's a little about Rainbow Islands, developed by Taito and released in 1987. We've got a trailer to go with it:

"RAINBOW ISLANDS is an action game released in 1987 by TAITO. A sequel to BUBBLE BOBBLE in which Bubby and Bobby, having returned to their human form, travel the RAINBOW ISLANDS using their rainbow magic to rescue the villagers from the clutches of the Boss of Shadow. Rainbows can be used in various ways, like attacking enemies or as platforms to jump on. This game includes the updated RAINBOW ISLANDS EXTRA, featuring altered difficulty etc."

Source: Nintendolife.com

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