Will Nintendo Switch 2 be released in 2023? – These are the analysts' predictions  


When can we finally expect the successor of the hybrid console?

The Nintendo Switch 2 , or whatever it may be called the next-generation console that will succeed the Japanese giant's hybrid system, looks like it won't arrive until 2023.

Going into details, since at the moment Nintendo has not announced any other future projects after The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom which is expected on May 12, 2023, many have started to speculate that in the second half of the year we might see some new generation console and maybe that's why the company is keeping its cards under wraps. Industry analysts, however, take a different view.

Speaking to GamesIndustry.biz , several well-known names in the field made their predictions for 2023, and they don't include any new console from Nintendo. For example, Piers Harding-Rolls, head of research at Ampere Analysis, pointed out:

If PS5 availability remains high, it has a good chance of becoming the best-selling console of 2023 as the Switch enters the final stages of its life cycle. The upcoming Zelda is sure to outsell the Switch, so sales of the two consoles may be very close. I don't expect a next-gen console from Nintendo in 2023: we have 2024 as the year for that in our predictions.

For the record, John Linneman, who works for the well-known Digital Foundry channel, recently hinted at exactly the same thing. In particular, clarifying the landscape for all the rumors about the so-called Switch Pro, he had pointed out that the next Switch will probably not arrive in 2023. 

As everything shows, then, probably 2024 will be the year we see Nintendo's next step after the Switch.

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