Random: Former Nintendo Employees Kit & Krysta Share Their Initial Reaction To Palworld


And discuss Nintendo's original response

The new "open-world survival and crafting game" Palworld has become insanely popular overnight, with sales surpassing the seven million mark and now supposedly overtaking first-week records of games like Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

Of course, there's also been a lot of debate about this game online - mostly in regards to the monster designs. While Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have refused to comment on this new global sensation, TPC's former chief legal officer has chimed in with his thoughts, admitting he's surprised it got this far.

If you still are wondering what Nintendo's employees might be thinking, this latest video doing the rounds might be the next best thing. Former Nintendo employees Kit and Krysta (who are now actually video game consultants) have uploaded an older video on social media, featuring themselves reacting to Palworld. You can see just how blown away they are by this game dubbed "Pokémon-with-guns" and the monster designs.

The former Nintendo Minute hosts, who left Nintendo in early 2022, also uploaded a video on their YouTube channel 'Kit & Krysta' discussing the topic "How Nintendo will respond to the Palworld controversy". In it, they touch on how Nintendo apparently "brushed off" the earlier reveals of Palworld, thinking it was a "joke" and wasn't necessarily worried.

Despite the ongoing comparisons to Pokémon, Palworld is described as a survival and crafting game. Although this hasn't stopped Pokémon fans from making comparisons, and even accusing the developer Pockerpair of plagiarism. Unfortunately, the situation has become so heated that the company's CEO revealed his employees had supposedly received online abuse and threats about the materials in the game.

One other development in recent days has been the creation of a Pokémon Palworld mod, which has only fueled the debate. Video uploads of this mod have also been hit with takedowns on YouTube. If you are curious to know more about this new title, our sibling site Pure Xbox has a detailed hands-on.

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