Pokémon Scarlet And Violet New Tera Raid Battle & Mass Outbreak Now Live


Here are the featured Pokémon

If you're still enjoying on a regular basis there's been an update to Tera Raid Battles and mass outbreaks in the game.

Starting this week, Flutter Mane and Iron Jugulis are now appearing Tera Raid Battles through the Paldea region. You can check out more details about the Pokémon in this new event raid on Serebii.net. These are 5 Star Raids and both Pokémon start at Level 75, can drop a bunch of different items and have varied Tera Types.

Next up, is the mass outbreak. This event will feature the Pokémon Stunky, Skrelp, Gulpin and Clauncher, with levels ranging between 10 - 65 and increased chances of getting an uncommon or rare mark. Both of these events will run from now until 28th January 2024, so join in on the fun while you can.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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