Palworld Has A Pokémon Mod, Though Video Takedowns Are Already Being Dished Out


Ninjas, hide the van!

If you have been anywhere near the internet in the past week, then you likely will have walked headfirst into the chatter surrounding Palworld. Billed as 'Pokémon-with-guns', the game has racked up millions of downloads in the few days since its launch, despite growing concerns around its Pokémon "inspirations".

Available on Xbox and PC, it was only going to be a matter of time before landed itself a Pokémon mod, with 'official' assets taking the place of those that have increasingly been referred to as "ripoff" copies.

The mod exists and a video of it was shared to Twitter yesterday by Australian YouTuber @ToastedShoes. It showed familiar faces like Ash Ketchum and Misty wielding firearms, while all of the Palworld 'Pals' were swapped out for Pokémon models. ToastedShoes announced that he would upload a full video of the mod the following day, though, unsurprisingly, it seems that someone has intervened.

Yes, what the YouTuber catchily refers to as "Nintendo has come for me," might be better known as a DMCA takedown. We can't know for sure whether it was issued by the Big-N, with the company reportedly refusing to comment on "individual cases" such as this previously, though it makes sense to assume that either Nintendo or The Pokémon Company have been the ones to step in.

Whether the legal action will remain solely on Pokémon mods remains to be seen (ToastedShoes has yet to upload the promised "full video" at the time of writing, and the takedown makes it seem unlikely, if we're being honest), though increasing calls from fans and legal experts alike to address the near-identical assets suggest that there might be more copyright strikes on the horizon.


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