Yes, Nintendo Is Aware Of Palworld's Existence


But it won't comment on "individual cases"

Palworld, the new "open-world survival and crafting game", has become an overnight sensation and it's got pretty much everyone in gaming and the industry talking about it.

Of course, there are two parties many are waiting to hear from and one of them happens to be Nintendo - the video game giant that has exclusively hosted the mainline Pokémon series on its platforms since the Game Boy era.

As highlighted by Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki, Bloomberg has managed to get a response from Nintendo and while it's aware of Palworld's existence, it won't be commenting on "individual cases".

As also mentioned by the same source, The Pokémon Company has chosen to remain completely silent, declining to comment on Palworld.

Although TPC hasn't provided a response, the company's former Chief Legal Officer Don McGowan chimed in earlier today with his thoughts, stating how "surprised" he was to see the game get so far.

Palworld has now surpassed five million sales in just three days and is available on Xbox, Windows, Steam and Microsoft's subscription service Game Pass.


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