Pokémon Fans Set Their Sights On Palworld's Monster Designs


"It's not even subtle about its rip-offs"

The 'Pokémon-with-guns' game Palworld launched on Xbox, PC and Game Pass yesterday and while it's already surpassed one million sales, it's also making headlines for certain other reasons...

As highlighted by IGN, some Pokémon fans have taken to social media and other parts of the internet to share the "similarities" between Palworld monster designs and Nintendo's famous franchise, claiming it's "not a coincidence" and accusing certain 'Pals' of being blatant "rip-off" of Pokémon designs.

Although there are monster-catching elements in this new release, Palworld is described as an "open world survival and crafting game". Some other commentary online has also pointed out how this isn't the first game to feature Pokémon-like designs, referencing games like Temtem and Coromon.

Here's a sample of the comparison posts doing the rounds on social media as well as some other commentary:

If you would like to learn more about Palworld and see if it's worth your time, be sure to check out our sibling site Pure Xbox. The team has "thoroughly enjoyed" the preview build of the game so far. Here's a snippet of its hands on:

"What immediately stuck out to us were the game’s open-world elements though, combining the likes of base-building, crafting, farming and exploration. Because of these, Palworld doesn't feel like your bog-standard Pokémon clone by any means. Yes, you catch Pals, train ‘em up and everything you’d expect from the 'gotcha' loop - there’s even a Paldex of sorts - but Palworld plays much more like your Valheim and Ark survival games, and there’s even a hint of Breath of the Wild’s gliding, climbing and stamina bar too."

What are your thoughts about Palworld's monster designs? Will you be checking this game out? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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