These Pokémon would be destroyed by the fans once and for all!  


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Pokémon fans continue to talk about various topics related to the games , and this time they focused on the ... extinction of a creature. More specifically, the new discussion is happening on Reddit , and many fans of the series are saying the one Pokémon they would (happily) delete from everywhere, forever.

Everywhere means that: no one will remember each Pokémon, it will not exist in any game, as well as in any anime, series and movie. Complete deletion.

The poll this time was started by Reddit user Decent_Ad_0 , who is asking everyone to say which Pokémon they would "wipe off the map," with him casting his vote for Rattata .

There are currently over 2,600 comments and many users would erase from their memory: Pikablu, Enamorus, Gengar, Bruxish, Pikachu, Clefairy, Shroodle, Pawmo, Pichu, Chewtle, Paras, Diggersby, Diggersby, Nidoran and more.

These Pokémon were high on the list with hundreds of other users' likes. Which Pokémon would you delete once and for all? Tell us in the comments.

Source: TheGamer

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