Pokémon Scarlet And Violet Officially Reveal New Mythical Pokémon


A new Mystery Gift code is also live

After more than a year of post-release content, The Pokémon Company has finally wrapped up with an epilogue chapter. As part of this (spoiler alert), it's also officially introduced the brand new mythical Poison/Ghost-Type, Pecharunt.

Here's a detailed description of Pecharunt, courtesy of the Pokémon website:

Pecharunt: Somewhere in the land of Kitakami, the Mythical Pokémon Pecharunt has been awaiting its time to reawaken.

Uses Its Cunning to Survive by Feeding Binding Mochi to Others: This Pokémon rolls up poison secreted from its shell to make Binding Mochi, which it serves to people and Pokémon. Pecharunt then uses chains to control those who eat its Binding Mochi, which is not only delicious but also appears to bring out the deepest desires and powers of those who eat it. Pecharunt can also be very sly. For example, it will feign weakness by weeping and acting like a baby to gain the sympathy of others.

Off to Kitakami to Obtain the Masks: There is a theory that long ago, Pecharunt traveled to the land of Kitakami together with the Loyal Three, each of whom it had subjugated using its Binding Mochi—all to obtain certain masks coveted by an elderly couple who lived with Pecharunt. Pecharunt found itself embroiled in battle with Ogerpon over the masks—ultimately resulting in Pecharunt’s defeat. It withdrew into its shell and, over time, became known to the locals as the Never-Rotting Peach. What appears to be a mere decoration in a shop is in fact Pecharunt, eagerly awaiting its time to return.​

New Ability: Poison Puppeteer: Pecharunt’s Poison Puppeteer is a new Ability introduced for the first time in The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero. This Ability causes Pokémon that are poisoned or badly poisoned by Pecharunt’s moves to also become confused.

New Move: Malignant Chain: This attack launches a chain made of poison that may also leave its target badly poisoned.

As part of the epilogue release in Scarlet & Violet, TPC has also launched a new distribution event, where players can unlock a Neo-Kitakami Case via the Mystery Gift feature. The code you'll need to redeem this item is: NE0R0T0MC0VER

Source: Nintendolife.com

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