Splatoon 3 Splatfest "Sneak Peek" And Voting Now Live, Includes Free Goodies


FrostyFest starts next week

The "sneak peek" of the Splatoon 3 FrostyFest is now officially underway. The theme, as previously revealed, is "Who do you spend holidays with?" and the choices are friends, family or "solo".

The pledge box is now available in the plaza, so you can cast your vote. As highlighted by Nintendo: "Each time you level up your catalog you'll earn a conch shell, letting you take a spin on the Shell-Out Machine in the lobby". The number of shells collected during this period will also impact the Splatfest results, so get splattin'.

In addition to this, Nintendo is giving away some special headgear and a banner (via the Switch news menu). You'll need to read the latest Splatoon 3 article on your Switch, scroll to the bottom of it, and then start Splatoon to receive these items. Below is a look at these free goodies:

Source: Nintendolife.com

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