Switch Online's 'Missions & Rewards' Adds Super Mario Bros. Wonder Icons


Update: The final wave has arrived

Update #2 [Thu 28th Dec, 2023 01:00 GMT]:

The final set of Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons are now available to Switch Online members. This latest batch is available from now until 9th January 2024, so get them while you can. These new icons feature Luigi, Toadette, the singing Piranha Plants, and more. Here's a look:

Update [Sat 23rd Dec, 2023 00:00 GMT]:

A brand new wave of Super Mario Bros. Wonder icons have now been made available to Switch Online members. This first wave, which runs until 26th December 2023, includes Yellow Toad, some characters with power-ups, Nabbit, a talking flower, and Toadette!

Here's a look (thanks, Nintendo Everything):

Previous waves:

Original [Fri 20th Oct, 2023 02:30 BST]:

Nintendo is going all out with the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder and as part of this, it's added a new batch of icons to its 'Missions and Rewards' scheme for the Switch Online service.

This new Mario theme allows you to claim icons featuring Mario, elephant Mario, yellow Toad, the Wonder Flower and many other characters in this new Switch exclusive. This first wave is available until 26th October. Here's a look:

These character icons will set you back 10 Platinum Points each, with backgrounds and frames priced at 5 Platinum Points. And once again, a new wave of icons should follow when the first wave ends.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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