The Pokémon Company Outlines Fixes For Scarlet & Violet's Next Update


Catch it in late January 2024

Last week, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet was updated to ver. 3.0.0 in preparation for the release of its Indigo Disk DLC. That patch came with some problems of its own, so now the Pokémon Company has shared some of the fixes that it is working on for the games' next update (thanks,

The ver. 3.0.1 patch is expected to be released in late January 2024 and will target two bugs in particular. Outlined by @Pokemon_cojp (via @SerebiiNet), the first issue to be fixed will be an input drop-out when levelling up a sub-level 30 Inkay using a Candy. The second is to do with TM233, which currently requires Shieldon parts, despite that 'mon not being available in Pokémon Scarlet. Doh.

As an apology for the TM only being obtainable in one version of the game, TPC has announced that the move in question will be given away via a Mystery Gift distribution from 26th December. This will run until the issue is resolved in the January 2024 patch.

Any fixes are good fixes, though this is hardly the performance-boosting update that ScaVi still so desperately needs. You can find our thoughts on the game's latest DLC (and how it runs) in our review below.


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