Nintendo Switch System Update 17.0.1 Is Now Live, Here Are The Full Patch Notes


Could this be the final update of 2023?

We've finally made it to December and to mark the final month of 2023, Nintendo has rolled out a new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch.

According to Nintendo's official support page, Version 17.0.1 resolves an issue with local communication for "some software" and includes some general system stability improvements to enhance the overall user experience.

Ver. 17.0.1 (Released December 4, 2023)

- Resolved an issue with local communication for some software.
- General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

Of course, these are only Nintendo's patch notes, and dataminers have already investigated what else has changed on the backend. Here's what else has been found, as highlighted by 'OatmealDome' on social media:

Version 17.0.1 is out. Nintendo says that they fixed a bug in local wireless play.

The following components were also changed (unlisted in patch notes, likely bug fixes): controller input, crash reporter, docked / handheld mode switching.

No changes to the bad words lists this time around. I’m surprised too!

Also, for those interested, some more in-depth technical information might be published on SwitchBrew later:


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