Random: Zelda Fan Creates An Explosive Godzilla Movie In Tears Of The Kingdom



Back when The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom was first released in May of this year, near enough any Ultrahand build was impressive in our eyes. Jets, mechs, musical instruments, basically anything more than four wheels stuck on a plank of wood and we were sold. But in the six months since, our tastes have matured.

You can't just shove any old Bokoblin-tracking canon in our faces and expect us to clap any more. Now, you have to go big. Something that really blows the lid off the potential of Ultrahand. Something like, we don't know, a fully-realised Godzilla movie created in-game...

You guessed it. It's happened. Zelda fan and Ultrahand wizard @sumoguri2323 has put Link's newfound abilities to the test and has managed to create not only a fully functional Kaiju monster and retaliatory tanks but also explosions, dust effects, camera angles and a roaring animation that quite frankly puts our Hover Bike Autobuild designs to shame.

The following movie (brought to our attention by IGN) really is one of those things that needs to be seen to be believed. In that case, we'll stop waffling on. Here's Godzilla attacking Lurelin Village built entirely in Tears of the Kingdom:

Now, look, we're not saying that this is the peak of all TOTK design and nothing will ever top that moment where the dust flies into the air and Godzilla roars. But we're also not not saying that.

Watching full movies created in TOTK feels one step away from a Fortnite-style world premiere that we'd rather not think about. But we're not going to turn our noses up at more crazy creativity like this. We doff our caps to you, @sumoguri2323.

What do you make of this Godzilla crossover? Would you like to see more films recreated in TOTK? Roar your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Nintendolife.com

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