Pokémon: Will Ash continue to exist in the anime series? Now we know!  


It is now official

A few weeks ago, Ask Ketchum 's victory went viral all over the internet , after many years, he became the best Pokémon trainer in the world. However, many fans of the series are still wondering what will happen from now on with this character.

What is going to happen; Will Ash continue to be in the series or not? Now we officially know, and the news you'll read below comes straight from Japan. In particular, a few hours ago a big press conference took place at TV Tokyo , in which some executives of the anime gave an interview. Hiraoka Risuke took some time and reassured fans about the course of the central protagonist.

Her statements were as follows:

For those wondering what the future holds, Ash's adventures aren't over yet. As for how his adventures will continue, we want to let you know during the next broadcast of the anime.

Shortly after these statements, the president of TV Tokyo (the channel that plays the anime in Japan), Ichiro Ishikawa , said the following:

I heard that Ash who became champion recently has fans from all over the world who are celebrating his victory. As the network that broadcasts Pokémon, we are very happy that this is happening to Ash and we want to celebrate it as well.

As you can tell, TV Tokyo has no plans to "give up" on Ash, but there is no other information on how his story might continue.


In case you don't remember, Rica Matsumoto , who voices Ash in Japan, recently stated the following:

Although Satoshi (as Ash is called in the Japanese anime) has won the title of the strongest Pokémon trainer, he has not yet become the "master" he dreams of. It has been 15 years since I started playing Satoshi and he has worked hard during this great battle.

The kids who watched the first series in 1997 have grown up and I think some have drifted away from anime. He is one step away from becoming the strongest in the Pokémon world. Kids and adults, support Satoshi!


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