Reminder: Splatoon 3's Greeting-Themed Splatfest Kicks Off This Weekend


Which team are you on?

Update #2 [Fri 17th Nov, 2023 18:30 GMT]: For obvious reasons, this weekend has been flagged for some Super Mario RPG playtime for a while, but let's not forget that there is another Nintendo event getting underway that you might want to get involved in. Yes, this is your friendly reminder that Splatoon 3's greeting-themed Splatfest (or a dessert-themed one, if you're in Japan) is getting underway very soon!

The question this time is "What's your go-to greeting?", with Team Handshake, Fist Bump and Hug all battling it out for your vote.

The first battles will be kicking off either later on today or tomorrow depending on your region, so be sure to check out the following list for a reminder of the start time for you:

  • North America - 17th November 2023, 4pm PT - 19th November 2023 3:59pm PT
  • Australia - 18th November 2023, 11am AEDT - 20th November 2023 10:59am AEDT
  • New Zealand - 18th November 2023, 12pm NZDT - 20th November, 2023 11:59am NZDT
  • UK - 18th November 2023, 12am GMT - 19th November 2023 11:59pm GMT
  • Europe - 18th November 2023, 1am CET- 20th November 2023 00:59am CET
  • Japan - 18th November 2023 9am JST - 20th November 2023 9am JST

Get your votes in at the stand in central Splatsville to redeem your Splatfest t-shirt and take part.

Update #1: As we suspected, North America and Australia's regional Splatfest theme will be the same as those of us in Europe — What's your go-to greeting?

That means Japan has a unique theme compared to the other regions, which is pretty interesting! We're interested to see what the results will be next weekend.

Hot on the heels of the Halloween event, Splatoon 3's next Splatfest has been announced for just a couple of week's time, with the upcoming three-team battle heading to the Splatlands from 18th-19th November.

This next one will be mixing up the format a little as we see the return of regional themes. Yes, the Splatfest question and the optional teams will vary depending on your region, so pay attention now to see what's on the table for you.

In Europe, the question this time is "What's your go-to greeting?" with Team Handshake, Fist Bump and Hug all up for grabs.

Those who are splatting in Japan have a different theme altogether and will instead be battling over "What do you call this?" (at least, that's the way that Twitter's built-in translate tool puts it). The teams on offer for this sweet treat-based contest (again, via translate) are Kaiten-yaki, Oban-yaki, Imagawa-yaki.

We are yet to see which theme North America and Australia will receive, whether it will be in line with Europe/Japan's or something completely new. Worry not, we'll be keeping an eye out and will be sure to update this article as soon as we find out.

For all of the information on the upcoming Splatfest and those which have come before it, be sure to check out our guide below.


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