League of Legends: Expensive weapon coming from Nerf and Riot Games  


You will be able to decorate it in your room with a special base

Riot Games has announced a new collaboration with Hasbro this time, to bring to stores a brand new NERF , which will be based on League of Legends . Specifically, this is the weapon that Jinx holds and it comes under the name “ Nerf LMTD Jinx Fishbones ”.

This NERF takes 18 darts and can fire three at a time, just like The Judge released in 2017. It also has a fish mouth on the front, just like in the game, which can open and close.

The good thing is that it doesn't need batteries to do all this. In addition, inside the package, there is also a stand, so that you can decorate it in your room.

The company's first blaster, therefore, costs 170 dollars and is in the limited edition category, as we recently saw in the NERFs of Destiny 2, Halo and Mandalorian. If you are interested in purchasing Jinx's blaster, let us tell you at this point that pre-orders are open and you can get yours via Amazon or Hasbro Pulse.

The Nerf LMTD Jinx Fishbones is set to become available in December 2023 .


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