Zelda: Press finished Breath of the Wild in an hour with their eyes closed! (VIDEO)  


Another achievement from a speedrunner

The speedrunner community seems to have taken it to another level! And that's because it just became known that a player completed The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in less than an hour while blindfolded.

Yes, you read that right. YouTuber CrystalSaver completed the game in the Any% Blindfolded category in a record time of 58 minutes and 49 seconds, blindfolded of course. As you will see in the video below, with the entire run, the player took off the mask he was wearing after killing Ganon so that he could enjoy his victory by watching the final cutscene.

What is the normal length of Breath of the Wild?

According to the well-known site "How long to Beat", Breath of the Wild takes 50 hours to complete its main story, while if someone wants to do everything, it will take about 92 hours.

We've seen similar challenges in the past, with speedrunners completing various games with their eyes closed, such as Ocarina of Time , Super Mario 64, Kingdom Hearts and more.

Watch the entire run through the player below.


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