Sunsoft's Classic Platformer Trip World Will Get New Colour Re-Release On Switch, GB And GBC


Pre-orders open later this month

Limited Run Games has today announced that it is re-releasing the much sought-after Sunsoft platformer, Trip World, in an all-new colourised form: Trip World DX. The game will be released physically on Switch, Game Boy and Game Boy Color, with pre-orders opening on 28th April.

Originally released in Japan in 1992 and Europe in 1993 (before coming to the regions' 3DS Virtual Console in 2011 and 2012 respectively), Trip World never received an official US release and original copies of the game have been hard to come by ever since. In this new remaster, Limited Run Games has worked with original developers Sunsoft to give the title its first worldwide release, adding in new features such as complete colour gameplay, remastered audio, original design documents, video interviews and more.

The game was revealed as a part of Limited Run's new YouTube series, Carboncast, which focuses on all the titles that are being ported thanks to the studio's Carbon Engine (previously used on the Shantae and River City Girls Zero ports). You can check out the timestamped video above to watch the Trip World DX reveal from the stream.

For a little more information on this new deluxe treatment, check out the following from Limited Run:

In the classic Trip World, you take part in a globetrotting adventure through Trip World, a land filled with endearing creatures and mythical beings, as the bunny-like hero Yakopoo. A showstopper on its original handheld hardware, Trip World features some of the finest graphics and music ever heard in a video game in this form factor. The quality of its presentation is matched perfectly by the spot-on game mechanics and atmospheric level design that encourages the player to take part and enjoy the many sights of Trip World rather than rush through and beat it.

Complimenting this fantastic re-release, Trip World DX includes a variety of features that provide never-before-seen content and context to what makes this game such an incredible release of its time, including a music player with remastered audio and arrangements, original design documents, cameo appearance designs, and video interviews.

Going back to its console roots, Trip World DX will be released on the Game Boy and Game Boy Color alongside the Switch, with a special Collector's Edition available for the modern Nintendo console. The Standard Edition will cost $39.99 for GB and GBC and $34.99 on Switch, while the Collector's version (which also includes a plush, key chain, original soundtrack CD, poster and premium box) will be $74.99.

Pre-orders for all of the game's different editions will be available on the Limited Run Games site from 28th April - 11th June.

Will you be picking up a copy of this rare Sunsoft platformer? Let us know in the comments.


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