Random: Fans Believe They Have Found The Original Wood Used In Mother 3 Logo


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Ah, the things that people will do while waiting for a localisation. Though it seems unlikely that Mother 3 will ever officially come to consoles out west, we can at least comfortably say that its fanbase has now discovered every last one of the game's details - right down to the wood used on the logo.

Symbolic of Porky's takeover of the Nowhere Islands (man vs. nature and all that) the Mother 3 logo depicts the title in a combination of metal and wood. There are many of us who have never looked at this image close enough to really see whether it was real wood in the first place. Then there are people like @PineappleCarl3, who not only has looked closely enough to see that it is indeed real wood, but has gone on to study tree pictures until they found the mother tree - the wood used in the logo.

The tree studier shared their findings on Twitter, with the image that they believe to be the secret source behind Mother 3's logo as well as some close up comparisons between bark and text.

While it is a little hard to tell exactly where those close ups come from on the larger 'source tree,' that wood grain certainly seems to match up. Could this really be the original image from which the designers crafted Mother 3's distinctive lettering, or could it just be a meagre coincidence because, ya know, it's a tree? Either way, the resemblance is definitely there.

Next up on the horticultural hunt is tracking down the peeled pieces of wood from the title's 'M' and the circular cross section on the '3,' according to @PinappleCarl3. We can't put a precise number on it, but there are a lot of pictures out there which could have inspired the game's logo, to come this close again would be a tree-mendous discovery indeed.

What do you think? Is this the official wood or are the searchers barking up the wrong tree? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendolife.com

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